• Expertise You Can Build Your Business On

    Significantly enhance your operational efficiency by putting ServiceStar Logistics™ service, to work for your operations. ServiceStar Logistics™ offers a complete third party logistics solution from warehousing to comprehensive transportation management -all fully integrated with Service Star's choices of transportation services. As experts and leaders in supply chain management, we can help you identify various opportunities in order to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs, and then implement action plans that deliver measurable results.

    With our help managing your supply chain effectively becomes easier and is the key to lowering costs and improving overall service levels. ServiceStar Logistics™ adapts and works with your business as an extension of your existing supply chain and provides you with on-site logistics and management in addition to any regular Truckload and LTL services. As a North American provider of various multimodal transportation solutions, we have the expertise that can help your company improve your profitability and operational efficieny - this results in a smoother, leaner transportation solution.

    Efficient supply chain management is only a small part of what ServiceStar Logistics™ can offer your operations. As your comprehensive logistics solutions provider, you will be able to utilize more of your available resources in your core business while assuring yourself that your logistics program is always poised to take advantage of the latest trends and opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings -from the moment they arise.

  • Complementary Services

    • A 24-Hour dispatch service
    • A Centrally located Head Office
    • Multiple Service offices throughout North America
    • Toll Free North American numbers
    • Priority Monitoring of electronic correspondence (status updates, e-mails, notifications)
    • Satellite tracking of all freight and equipment from pick-up to delivery, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • SSF

    North America's most specialized provider of fully-sourced trucking fleets and complete logistics solutions.

  • Address

    1-185 Artesian Industrial Parkway
    Bradford, Ontario, Canada
    L3Z 3G4

  • Office

    e-mail: admin@servicestar.ca
    +1 800 655 0291 (Toll Free)
    +1 905 775 1755 (Local)

  • Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm (office)
    7:00 am - 10:00 pm (dispatch)